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“we have special going on for Cosmetology and Barbering.
For short period of time: TUITION ONLY, (not included books, kit and registration fee) is $4,000.00.
And we offer payment plans.”

We’ve just added an Barber Course.
Go to our Barber Course page for information,
and then call to be one of the first to register. CALL NOW! 407-285-1883

Easy Beauty Barber School graduates become the door to a world of full or part-time career options opened. You could work in a salon and even eventually own your own. You could be a platform artist for a worldwide hair care corporation. Or on the set of a movie styling hair. There are also opportunities as sales representatives for world-renowned products. And some people return to Easy Beauty Barber School after they graduate to teach. From cruise ships and photography studios to salons and the entertainment industry, only a proper education can give you the opportunities in so many different, exciting areas. So, find out what the Easy Beauty Barber School difference can do for you and in less time than you think, you could be on your way to the top. Call Easy Beauty Barber School today to speak with one of our expert educational counselors that will help get you on the fast track to a wonderful career in the Beauty industry...Call NOW: 407-285-1883

Statement of Purpose

The field of cosmetology is truly an art, one in which you will create styles to enhance the beauty of your patron’s hair, skin and nails as well as their personality, complexion and features.  We offer our students the education that prepares them for the entry into a new career.

The personal rewards in this profession are great for those who enjoy creativity, genuinely like people and like caring for their appearance.

We at Easy Hair Beauty and Barber School dedicate ourselves to teaching quality work that inspires confidence and success.  The future holds many rewards for the student who will apply ambition and sincere desire with strict attention to class and practice sessions.

We offer modern equipment, a carefully planned instructional schedule and opportunities to develop essential skills while you explore your talents, passion, and creativity. The courses and programs offered are presented through lesson plans that are well developed and reflect the newest educational methods. Subjects are presented through lectures, student participation, and demos. Guest speakers and audio-visual aids are all used in the course.

Easy Hair Beauty and Barber School will provide you with a well-rounded lifestyle education plus extensive hands-on and classroom training to draw out the artist in you and then prepare you to compete in the real world.

Easy Hair Beauty and Barber School trains students in the following programs:

  • Cosmetology
  • Barbering
  • Facial and Skin Care Specialist
  • Nail Technician
  • Massage Therapy

These continuing education programs are not licensed by the Commission for Independent Education

  • Asian Technique
  • Braiding

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